DID YOU LOVE STREETS OF RAGE!?!?!?!?!?!?! If you did, read onward for your taste of a great game that you can get for FREE!

8 years in Development, and it is finally here! A fan-made Streets of Rage Remake that is a homage to the original 16-bit beat ‘em ups of old, a series that graced the Sega Genesis, Game Gear, and Master System. The remake is the most obsessive Streets of Rage yet since it has: 19 playable characters from multiple Streets of Rage games, 64 types of enemies to kick the crap out of, 83 remixes of classic techno tunes to get your dance on, and 103 stages with which to keep you busy until the end of eternity.

The project started in 2003 with help from more than a dozen musicians and artists contributing to this project that chose and recreated the best of Streets of Rage games, according to it’s creator. Now you can get it (for FREE!!!) at Bombergames forums. It is a 218 MB install file for Windows systems. Unfortunately, I do not know if it will work for Mac systems, since I do not own one.

If by any chance you’ve got any money to donate, please consider helping out the creator, as he created a beautiful game through a great deal of effort. Once again if you miss it, here’s the link to get it for free. Bombergames forums