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Square Enix Collabroates With Microsoft For Even More DLC for FFXIII-2

Whew boy, get that thing outta my face.

Keeping with the collaboration, Square Enix continues its partnerships and is now offering exclusive DLC weapons on Xbox 360. Serah will be able to equip a powerful bow called “Azrael” and it will give the player chain bonus upgrades when equipped. How do you get your hands on this? It’s heavily implied that it will be an Xbox 360 exclusive and will not be seeing its way to Playstation 3. You will be able to purchase this item in game and it will cost you 80 MSP or a simple dollar. I’m sure with all of the promos going on with the Xbox Live Arcade sales during this Holiday rush, you should have some MSP left over and Final Fantasy XIII-2 is only around the corner with a January 31st 2012 release.

Check out the rest of these images if you want… big expanding arrow thingy in your face.

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