SWTOR: The Hunt For The Magenta Adegan Crystals

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can customize the lightsaber color by attaching gems into the saber. This also applies to those pew pew guns as well. Now, when you put a system like this where your own lightsaber has some visual customization, you’re bound to layer on top some rare colors just to incite the crowd.

Well, there are several colors that seem to be on the list of rarity and so far one has popped up without a definitive means of procuring a specific reagent. We just know that it’s in the game. Magenta seems to be the rare color that has piqued some interest among the community and as stated no one with evidence has popped up with a way of obtaining the item needed to get the finalized Magenta Crystal. There is no screenshots even showing this gem in effect!

Using the Dev Tracker on the SWTOR forums, we are left with this hint:

The Magenta Crystal does in fact exist, but it is not acquired through Reverse Engineering. At the present time, it could be classified as one of the rarest items in the game.

While I am not going to give any more information on how, where or from whom it may be acquired, I want to debunk the idea that you have to reverse engineer endgame gear to get it so people don’t do stuff they regret.

The Magenta Adegan Crystal, a main component required to craft the gem mod in question, can be crafted by an artifice and will yield a gem that gives you +33 Critical, Endurance or Power.

It exists and it’s magenta! The hunt for the Magenta Adegan Crystals begins!

Update: The +33 Power Reasonating Crystal Schematic has been found from the Belsavis World Boss. Here’s a video showing proof:

Update 2: BioWare chimed in with another hint: “273.15.” This number in Kelvin is 0 degrees Celsius. I’m feeling a little frosty.

Update 3: NotCasuals has posted up on their YouTube channel the exact steps needed to get the Magenta Adegan Crystals along with brief details about the Belsavis World Boss that needs to be killed for the schematics.

I guess that means the hunt is over. Great job! Check out the video for details.

  • NotCasuals Gaming

    Here is how you get the crystal : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho8Yuxxq40I

    • http://www.themogblog.com/ MogKnight

      Oh dear… You unleashed rare knowledge into the world! D:

  • Nicholas Ha

    +Crit recipe from the Hoth world boss!