More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Features Sazh, More Serendipity Games

The latest news from Famitsu brings more light about the next set of DLC that will be coming out for Final Fantasy XIII-2. This set will feature a segment about Sazh and will also add two casino games in Serendipity which were previously locked out. This DLC is due on February 28th and will cost $5 or 400 MSP.

The other DLC mentioned are two outfits, one for Noel and Serah. Noel will be getting a “black colored suit that is given to time traveling warriors from Etro” which pretty much doesn’t sound like the planned Ezio Auditore Assassin’s Creed costume at all. Serah will be getting a little comfortable in an uncomfortable manner with her Resort Style outfit. Both of these costumes, much like the ones that have been released, gives no advantages and are strictly just for looks. No date announced for this but more than likely it will get paired up with the Sazh DLC and will cost $3 or 240 MSP a piece.