Summon Persona 3 FES As A PS2 Classic Next Week

The popular 2008 RPG for the PlayStation 2 will hit the PlayStation Store as a downloadable PS2 Classic on April 10, which is next week. The game was announced during the PS Blogcast announced it along with some other titles.

Persona 3 FES is a re-release of Persona 3 with some added content, which includes changes in Social Links, new scenes, and the addition of The Answer. The Answer is an epilogue that takes place after the main story. The SEES group finds themselves stuck in a time loop and must find the solution to fixing it. It focuses more on dungeon-crawling and the main character is Aegis, who has inherited the Wildcard which allows the changing of Personas. If the recent track record for PS2 Classics is anything to consider, P3FES will release at $9.99. Either way, this is a very good title to add to the roster. It is also one less game disc for me to remove from the case.