Siglemic Reclaims Super Mario 64 70 Star Speed Run World Record at 49:35

“This is the run.”

Why, yes, it was. Super Mario 64 Speed Runner Siglemic, after so many resets and failed jumps, has finally taken back the World Record for the 70 Star run by beating the previous record by 7 seconds. Now sitting at the top with 49:35, Siglemic’s 6 month journey of practice, hard word, and determination is certainly nothing to gawk at.

Over the past few months, TwitchTV has be the place for video game streams. One stream that stood out among the StarCrafts, the WoWs, and the Call of Duties was Siglemic’s Super Mario 64 Channel. In here, we not only are joined by thousands who sit and watch Siglemic’s attempts at breaking the former record, but we always question to ourselves with each attempt: Will this finally be the run?

With money coming in from his stream due to advertisers, TwitchTV’s premium channel service, and a donation box, Siglemic’s attempts is certainly bringing him some money for him to want to keep going. Streamers have been using TwitchTV as a way to not only entertain the masses, but as a form of income.

Of course, Siglemic’s journey is not over yet. Super Mario 64 can be beaten with 70 stars are an official minimum. There are 120 stars in Super Mario 64. There’s no doubt that Siglemic will be attempting the 120 star run again soon. The world record for the 120 stars is currently at 1:46:35.

There is also a 16 star run. While it does have some credit, it’s a record that is handled casually. As I understand it (and from experience doing the run myself), it can be very random and luck based.

Siglemic’s TwitchTV channel can be viewed here. He will be posting his complete run on YouTube shortly.

Congratulations Siglemic, you certainly deserve that cake.