PlayStation Vita 1.8 Firmware Update Now Live

PS Vita Update 2.00 [Update]

PS Vita Update 2.00 is now available and here is a quick overview of what’s included in the update.Support for PS Plus has been added. You can download it directly from the Vita through System Update in [Settings].

  • [Email] has been added to the home screen.
  • You can now transfer content between the PS Vita system and a PC using Wifi.
  • You can now transfer a folder from a PS3 system or a PC to the PS Vita system.
  • [Maps] can now display weather information
  • Improved display performance in [Browser] has been significantly improved.
  • Revision of near layout and usability improvements.
  • Activities of friends have been moved to the LiveArea of [Friends] App.
  • Button usage for more PS Vita apps.
  • Able to adjust notification type in the [Settings].
  • Turkish system language
  • Obligatory feature improvements stated in every update.
With PS Plus, you’ll also be download the six games offered for free to Vita owners starting tomorrow when the PS store updates. You do not need to purchase another subscription on top of your PS3 subscription. It is one service.
The games being offered are as follows:
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  • Gravity Rush
  • Wipeout 2048 (PS3 owners of the Fury DLC will able to download the DLC for this game too.)
  • Jet Set Radio (PS Vita version)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions
  • Tales From Space: Mutant Blob Attacks
Have fun with your Vita update just in time for this holiday shopping season.
Update: For those of you trying to figure out how to upload saved data to Online Storage, use the Content Manager Assistant in order to do so. Same with Wifi transfer. You must also download the latest version of CMA in order to use the new Wifi feature. You can find it here:
Update 2: Instructions on connecting the PS Vita by Wifi and troubleshooting can be found here:
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    my playstation light keep on blinking blue on my ps vita