The Trinity Is Now Complete: Pandora’s Tower Heading to North America in Spring 2013

Teased on the XSEED Facebook page yesterday and now formally announced today in a press release, XSEED will be bringing the third Operation Rainfall game to North America regions later in Spring 2013. As in the same case for Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower has already seen localization in the European territories, but now all three RPGs will fully represent the last front of Wii RPGs in North America.

Pandora’s Tower involves a singer named Elena who becomes cursed. Doomed to slowly transform into a savage beast, the hero Aeron must traverse into The Scar to extract the flesh off of the enemies within in order for Elena to consume and reverse the transformation process.

Except many omnomnomnom moments and tower climbing later this Spring for the Nintendo Wii (pretty sure this works on Wii U as well)!