My Proof That Saints Row IV Has A Dubstep Gun

My Proof That Saints Row IV Has A Dubstep Gun

After coming back from PAX East, I told all my friends that they added a gun that fired dubstep. They didn’t believe me. They thought I was insane. They thought I was wrong.

Who’s laughing now?!

Saints Row IV goes beyond over-the-top as you can see from this gameplay demo based on the PAX East build. Many would say that this is exactly Saints Row: The Third with some new things thrown in. Note that this is not a DLC upgrade to SR3, rather its a new retail release. Though originally conceived as a standalone expansion, expect to see a bit of SR3 in this game. Is that a bad thing? Depends on how much you enjoyed SR3 and dubstep guns.

  • ShouriElemente

    They didn’t need Dubstep Guns to convince me SR4 is going to be awesome, but I will NEVER decline a Dubstep Gun.

    • MogKnight