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From the Desk of The Editor-in-Chief: Before We Hibernate

Hello everyone, Hanh Nguyen (MogKnight) here with one note before while we’re working on our restructuring process.

2013 has been a crazy year. Not only are we at the start of a new generation of consoles, we’re starting to see changes in games media and fans interacting with the world. Times have greatly changed. I, myself, have changed.

Everything has gone to complete silence here. I want to apologize for that. Most of it revolves around me and my inability to dedicate the time and effort towards this site for the past year. Those who are close to me know what went on; a lot of it is personal and served as a handicap for me.

However, this brings us an opportunity. As time went on, many plans and ideas bounced around. Some ideas went straight to the trash, while some ideas are developing in the background as we slowly chip at it and think of new ideas in the process.

Our vision for the site has changed over time. The direction we want is to have a place where we can celebrate video games. The method of doing so is a lot more open now than it was before. Writing about it is just but one way to get the message across. It’s a bit outside the realm of games journalism, and I feel that’s where we want to be.

There is now an opportunity to just rebuild everything, and that’s what we have done and intend to continue doing until we’re ready. Until that happens, we may throw up some sporadic posts here and there from either myself or Emily (RadGalaxy).

We’ve also been getting requests from others who wish to contribute. I don’t feel comfortable doing so at this time, but definitely we can work something out once we’re ready.

Until then, we’ll say hi a few times. We hope you’ll add us to your list of amazing video game sites after we rebuild. It’ll be worth it.

Yep, in eleven years later if you were waiting to play the sequel in English. Thanks, SEGA of America!

- Mog

Author: MogKnight

Hanh "MogKnight" Nguyen does Editor-in-Chiefish things for The Mog Blog. Forever on a mission to find a Game Boy Micro for less than $60 dollars, Mog spends the rest of his time stuck in Bullet Hell. You can contact Mog via email, Twitter, or Google